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Our Services Best in class!

We are a team of dedicated professionals with more than 10 years industry experience and we can help solve technology problems for you. When it comes to Software, we can bring the cutting edge technology experience to our clients.

Gritsa Technologies helps solve Technology problems - Big and Small!

Our Services Software Development and Consultancy

Product Development

We have unique skills for Products

Those who have been in the industry for quite a while will jump up and tell you - Don't do products like you do software services. Most of our clients know it but do not really understand how to differentiate. Since we have been involved in product development since inception ourselves, we know exactly what the difference is. We will help you get the understanding and then help you take it forward for your own product.

QA and Software Testing Services

Manual, Automated as well as Unit testing

We first go deep into your business model and understand it like an end user would. Our testing doesn't end at finding bugs but goes uptil fixing the User Experience as well. We have automation testers, manual testers and even unit test writers who can help you reduce your load with Test Driven Development

Software Maintenance and Support

We can pick up where your last team left off and maintain your product or software service.

We know it is hard to find the right team to pick up where your development team left off. That is why we train our Software Maintenance team to be experts in code analysis and documentation. Once the understanding is in place our regular dev team picks up. Sometimes its hard to believe a team can do that effectively but you have to try us to believe!

Mobile App Development

We can take you to market in record time

We do Hybrid mobile apps and we will show you why its the future. We have launched complex apps with complex backend services in mere 55 days in past, thanks to our Rapid Spawn methodology. We unleash the power of the deadly combination - MongoDB, NodeJS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Cordova, Kendo UI Mobile

On Site Services

Our team is fly-ready for US, Europe and Asia

Do you need a special skillset right at your premises? Let us know and we will have members from our able team be there and provide you with best in class services right there. We have a fly ready team for US, Europe and Asia (and selected countries in Middle East)

eCommerce Experience and Expertise

Don't settle with low budget free or open source implementations

eCommerce solutions? No problem! We can do Magento, osCommerce and other Open source platforms with a custom code base. When you need to expand to a mobile app, you wouldn't be left alone stranded all of a sudden. Integration with payment gateways will be a no brainer with us.


Over 7 years of Enterprise Experience

Our team members have been in the field of Enterprise systems with average experience of 10 years. We have been into Enterprise software development for over 5 years. Leverage our Development skills to do new modules our maintain existing ones!


Microsoft Technologies is were it all began

Almost all of our founding members started being as Microsoft Certified Professionals and .NET developers developing solutions on ASP.NET, WinForms, WPF etc. We retain our biggest clients at this moment because of our core expertise in Microsoft stack.


Influenced by most influential platform

Very early on we realized that Apple couldn't be ignored. Some of are crazy Steve Jobs fans. We even have his graffitti on our office walls. That aside, we love Mac and iOS platforms and do great apps for both.


Android all the way!

We have crazy Android fanatics in our Mobile team as well, and they are well respected by the Apple and Microsoft teams :-) We have done some amazing apps and products on Android and some exclusively on Android. We understand its raw power and potency and can help you create a very specific USP for Android apps.

Microsoft Partner and BizSpark Startup.

The BizSpark Program not only enables us to explore and use the latest technologies from Microsoft, but also helps us get support when needed.

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