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Revolutionize your business with AI and ML

We help businesses harness the power of AI and machine learning to transform their operations and drive growth.

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How It Works

We take out the frustration from software development and make it easy as well as cost effective with our clean and simple development model. At the core of our process are two unique strategies - Development-as-a-service and Developer-as-a-service

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Computer Programming


You have a cool new product idea! Perfect, now document your idea and setup a 60 min free consultation with us. We will help elaborate underlying technical fundamentals, curate an MVP and estimate a ballpark cost for MVP.

If you choose to go with us, we then work to prepare a UI/UX Design flow and User Flow to better visualize your product. Once you are good with that, we then prepare a Technical Architecture document and plan Sprints to begin execution of your product development

Product Developer


You have a running business and now you have so many more things you want to get done, but have limited programmers or UX designers to get things going. This is where our Developer-as-a-service model comes in and lets you scale staff on-demand and on-contract.

Help us understand what you need done, and our fantastic resourcing team will swing into action to on-board the best suited resource for your product


Your process, control, security compliance and IP compliance. Your employee on-contract

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Let Your Data Take Your Business to New Heights 

At Gritsa, we believe in the power of data. We specialize in AI and ML software development, helping businesses leverage the latest technology to gain new insights and stay ahead of the competition. Our team of experts can help you make sense of your data, providing custom solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

App Mockup

GPT and LLM-powered Apps, Web Apps, and Services

We develop apps and services powered by GPT and LLM. Our technology allows for natural language understanding and generation, transforming your applications and services from ordinary into smart, adaptive tools making them more user-friendly and efficient. From chatbots to personalized recommendations, experience the future of AI-driven experiences. 

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Generative AI

Unlock the creative potential of Generative AI to generate content, art, and solutions that push the boundaries of imagination. Whether you need automated content creation, unique art pieces, or data analysis, our Generative AI is your creative partner. Transform your projects and industries with the limitless possibilities of AI-driven generative solutions.

Neon Gaming

Gen AI implementations: GPT-4, Llama, Falcon-40B and others

With GPT-4, you can transform customer support, content generation, and information retrieval. Llama bridges the gap between raw data and actionable insights whereas Falcon-40B processes large datasets at lightning speed, enabling data analytics, scientific research, and simulations like never before. 

Golden Cubes

On-prem hosted GPT LLM Models

Experience unparalleled control and security with our on-prem hosted GPT and LLM models by harnessing the power of advanced AI right within your organization's infrastructure. Enjoy customized, efficient, and secure language models that meet your unique needs. With on-prem hosting, you maintain data sovereignty and compliance while benefiting from state-of-the-art natural language processing.

Illuminated Poles

Data Pipelines

Discover the power of efficient data pipelines. Seamlessly collect, process, and deliver data from various sources to your destination of choice. Streamline workflows, automate tasks, and gain valuable insights with our robust data pipeline solutions. From data extraction to transformation and loading, we've got you covered. Optimize your data flow and supercharge your decision-making.

Speech AI

Speech-driven AI Interfaces

Our cutting-edge solutions empower you to control devices, access information, and streamline tasks through natural conversation. Harness the power of voice recognition and natural language processing for a more intuitive, efficient, and personalized user experience. Explore the endless possibilities of speech-driven AI interfaces and transform the way you connect with the digital world.

Why Choose The Gritsa Model

Home: About

Simplicity Is Bliss, Economic Is Ecstatic

You already have a lot to worry about. We don't want to add to that. A Development Team should be simple and cost effective to work with. Those two are the foundational customer experiences we are built around. When you work with us, our focus is to get the plan right and lay out all the variables in front of you. Things that could go wrong or not produce the desired results, if laid out in front of you early on, it will certainly prevent heartaches later.

We help set development budgets early on, so that we avoid resource wastage and underutilization that would otherwise bloat your bill. Right person and team for the right job for the right budget. No "rocket ship for pennies" balderdash.

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Futuristic Cyborg

Build Tech Today, For the Next Decade

When Technology is moving so fast that most can't keep up with, we see an opportunity in being tech-agile. Omnipresent frontends are here, and are here to stay. Apps that run on Mobile, Web and Desktop seamlessly are here. Voice controlled applications like Siri, Alexa are here. You just need to have a team with the right vision. Apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Uber etc. are built on technologies that allow them to run everywhere with a backend on the cloud. There is no reason for you to not build your product on technologies of the coming decade.

Process Driven

Even during the time of Pandemic and 100% Remote Work, we did not compromise with our processes and innovated over it. We are driven by Agile Methodology for our development practices and follow GitLab's Remote Work Handbook for our remote working resources.


Every single team member onboarded is trained on a set of Boilerplate skills - Crossplatform UI technologies like Angular and React, modern backend frameworks like Node, Django and .NET Core, DB technologies like NoSQL and RDBMS. Furthermore, they also pick mandatory toolset training like Git, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS/Azure etc. This forms the lowest common denominator of all our resource training process - and this is our game changer

Hot Shaped Metal

Focused on Healthcare, Hospitality and Retail

Gritsa has been a Healthcare industry focused entity for a long time now. We have worked with some of the best companies and people in the industry. We have done some excellent work in services and products for the Hospitality and Retail industries that we can say stands out. Our focus on building great software is industry agnostic, but our experience with these industries does help us guide you better.

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Work Desk

What is the process?

It's as simple as fixing furniture :-)

Home: About

Step 1

Get In Touch

Email or Contact Form

Once you reach out, we can sign the initial NDA for you to confidently discuss your idea with us


Step 2

Free Consultation

Schedule a free session

We listen to what you need and share our thoughts on everything we can - Technology, Architecture, Resource types needed, or simply our perspective on your work and idea

Step 3

Choose a model

Development or Developer

You will know exactly which model to go with after a call with us. If you need end to end development, you go with A and if you need to augment your team, you go with B

Step 4

Hire. Build. Launch.

Sign up and begin

Now you should be all set to commence on a journey with us in which we will be your fellow riders. Your success will be ours. We will take you to where you need to be, risk free.

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Home: About

Can you build my product idea in an end-to-end manner?

Of course, that is what we do as a part of Development-as-a-service. We hear out your idea and break it down into logical phases - each with it's distinct deliverables. You are free to pullback at the end of either of these phases, in case you don't think the product is going where you would like it to.

How is Developer-as-a-service different from hiring from other freelance portals?

What we do under the Developer-as-a-service model is to insulate you from all the madness, frustrations and loss of time and revenue experienced on other freelance portals. If you don't know what we mean, try it out and then reach out to us. Our Tech Account Manager is always a call away, and our developers are groomed individually to meet certain standards.

Can the team or developer work on my timezone?

Yep! We can create an almost 6 hour overlap between the work timings of our developer and your timezone. In most cases, we can make a full 8 hour overlap.

My biggest concern is Intellectual Property security. How do you mitigate that?

We have as a company brewed in the ecosystem of healthcare. We have had to be HIPAA compliant since day 1. This has made us finetune our processes even further to ensure security compliance from every single resource of ours. Our explicit measures include background checks and strong contracts. Our implicit measures include work on thin-clients/PCs on the cloud so that no code or data is locally stored.

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What Can We Help You With?

For more info, fill out the form or call us at +1 (424) 250-2424

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