Powering your Engineering Team

Whether it’s developing a new product, modernizing an existing app, or ramping up your software development team, Gritsa has the experience and capabilities to fulfill your expectations. We are your Developer-as-a-service partner for technical development. We’ve worked with companies from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, and our teams have worked on over 150+ software development projects.

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What is “Developer-as-a-service”?


We work as part of your existing team in a dynamic and integrated way. Our handpicked and highly competent junior engineers based in India can extend the strength of your engineering team at approximately 1/3rd the cost of having an equal number of premises engineers. What’s more, our engineers work in your time zone and will be in sync with your working hours to maximize productivity & minimize any communication gaps. They also report directly to your PM or your team lead. Look at it as your own remote team that's just one click away with real-time communication & collaboration tool.

Productivity without Compromises

Offshoring doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to compromise on quality. All our junior engineers are handpicked from premier Indian technical institutes. They further undergo intensive training to be completely equipped and capable of handling tasks that you would expect while hiring a junior engineer (with 0-1 year experience) at your own premises. Finally, each engineer is HackerRank & Brainbenchcertified for their technical skills. In addition, you will have complete freedom to follow your own hiring & assessment process before working with any of our engineers. On top of this, we are so confident of the skills of our engineers that we provide 2 weeks free trial for every resource so you can judge the quality yourself before making any hiring decision.


Your Team, Your Process, Your Control!


Communication & collaboration are key elements of every successful project and team. That’s why we work in your time-zone. Every Gritsajunior engineer attached to your project works directly with you & your team, during your office hours. They follow your guidelines, processes &methodologies. Each Gritsa engineer is trained rigorously inScum/Agile Development Model and is hands-on with the latest real-time collaboration tools like Zoom, Skype, Asana, Bootcamp, Jira, etc. The idea is to cut any intermediate layer between you & your remote team. We are there to help you with getting the real work done, while we take care of administrative overheads with a flat & transparent billing mode.

Safety, Compliance, and Security

We understand that while working with a remote team, the safety &integrity of your intellectual property is of prime concern to you, and it rightly should be. Our network, management infrastructure, and associated processes and procedures are consistent and compliant with best practices security requirements of ISO, BITS, FISMA & HIPAA. Furthermore, to take the security of your IP to the next level, all our engineers are trained to work within your virtualization environment on thin/zero terminals at our end devoid of any operating system and download capability virtually guaranteeing 100% safety &confidentiality of your IP. This ensures complete transparency and control in the hands of your own system admins. Our systems are readily equipped with any on-premises or cloud VDI vendorincludingVMWare, Citrix, Microsoft & Amazon Workspace.

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Okay, so you need a developer trained for a specific technology. But the developer for that tech stack costs a fortune–or worse yet–your choice of tech stack or platform isn’t that popular. There are few to none resources available (psst... and you have a deadline to meet). This is when you leverage our “Prep-Your-Dev” model. Our guys are smart and Full-Stack devs from the get-go. Point him at a training course, or documentation for the desired tech for two weeks and you should have your smart affordable developer ready to slay some dragons by your side.