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Gritsa - Our Work Model and How it Benefits You

Updated: May 10, 2022

So what exactly is our model and where do we stand in this diverse market of software technology consulting and offshoring? Today we want to talk about this briefly and help our potential and current clients get a better understanding about who we are and where we want to be, and how it benefits you. Let us start with the model first.

Gritsa - Our Work Model and How it Benefits You

The Model

We realized something during the onset of the pandemic during March 2020. We were not going to be very successful being a boutique software development shop. The market was littered with companies like ours and the pandemic was going to make it severely challenging for us to go to conferences and bring clients the traditional way. We had to reinvent ourselves and reposition our market offering. So we came up with a strategy - make our services lean, get our resources to meet a minimum skills benchmark on key high-impact (full-stack) technologies and sell on commoditized prices. This made a lot of sense to us ourselves because our thought was, we should be able to use our own offering to build a product. Considering our lowest contract prices for full-stack developers start at $9.99/hour, that was something that we could use ourselves for building our own in-house products.

Key Components of Our Model

Entry-level Resources

Many may wonder - why entry-level? The reason is simple, it is the best minds in this segment that we can hire and train to foundational levels. They have the maximum hunger to learn and energy to deliver. Prior to this model, we struggled pushing our team of core .NET developers to learn Angular or React and they would simply drag their feet. Not the entry-level resource though. They are willing to be deployed where the future is.

Common Foundational Full-stack Training

You may read more about what we mean by full-stack developers here. Our goal is to ensure each of our developer is capable of delivering a product all by themselves. They are trained in end-to-end product delivery - databased design, REST API frameworks, and modern UI/UX principles. They are also well versed with modern source control tools like Git and basic DevOps practices like setting up build pipelines etc.

Commoditized Pricing

This is where we bring the wow-factor for our clients and make it almost impossible for them to switch from us. Pricing our resources on the lower end of the spectrum (starting at $9.99/hour) and making them capable of delivering an entire (small) product by themselves under the guidance of part-time senior developers makes the offering almost a steal deal within the market we operate in.

The Market Position

We position ourselves as the provider of the middle 50% of the skilled workforce. What does this mean? If you know companies like Toptal, Crossover, Turingly etc. and their pitch of providing only the top 3% of freelancers world wide, our pitch is to the other end of it. We provide the mid-50% of the skilled resources, i.e. they are perfect for fitting in your existing team and doing the maintenance tasks, writing monitoring scripts, building an App that your team never got a chance to finish, etc. They are not the best at addressing key software components of your business proposition. For example, if your business is an app that helps customers find the best deals from all eCommerce websites and relies on a core component which is a basically a recommendation engine (leveraging a predictive ML model), they are definitely not the ones who will build and deliver that core piece. However they can build the app that the customers use and the REST API services that calls the ML model internally.

Key Use Cases

Product Prototyping

This is the finest use case of our resources. You can prototype a product with our foundational resources and get a working product built at super low costs. This is something we have done for Vuit AI - a new age AI based company that wants to make physical asset digital twins.

Staff Augmentation

Sixth Sense Intelligence uses our resources to augment its staff during its early years so as to have low cost resources handle the laborious processes that require SOPs to be followed by developers. They also use them for producing automation scripts that automate several manual jobs.

Side Projects

CitrusOrnge uses us for building their upcoming project using our foundational resources. It is not easy to pick up on dream projects within the organization when the primary staff is caught up addressing client issues and working on things that really generate the cash flow at the end of the month. This is where our foundational resources at their super low costs come in and help pick those projects up.

Join us in our endeavor!

If you like our model and think you fit in one of the categories in our key use cases, hit us up and we will get you started. We can get your position filled or your project started in less than 4 weeks.

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