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When Should You Hire a Full-stack Developer?

Full-stack development is in vogue but does that mean you should hire one? Is there a method you can follow or should you go by your hunch when planning to hire a full stack developer? There are many such questions that come to mind when you think of hiring a full-stack developer. Here’s an attempt at finding answers to these questions so that you make an informed choice. However, let us first understand who is a full-stack developer?

who is a full stack developer

Who is a full-stack developer?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase – Jack of all, master of none. A good full stack developer is like a jack of all but you surely can’t call him master of none. He or she can develop full-fledged applications for all platforms – web, mobile, or desktop. A full-stack developer understands both the front-end and back-end. They can work their way around servers, APIs, MVC, databases, and hosting environments among others. A good full-stack developer is always in demand. Go to any job portal and you will find thousands of job postings there.

When to hire a full stack developer

When not to hire a full-stack developer

Requirements of the developer’s role often drive the need for a full-stack engineer. However, one must think through and hire a full stack developer in the following instances:

When you need an MVP

When you are operating in a lean manner and your goal is to validate your ideas by building a minimum viable product, then you should opt for full-stack developers. A full-stack developer, would ideally be taking an idea or feature and turn it into a fully functional prototype.

When you need Product Managers

It might be interesting for you to know but full-stack developers can make excellent product managers as well. They understand the business requirements and engineering capabilities alike. They come in handy when you need to make important decisions considering all factors.

When budget is not your best friend

Full-stack developers come in as your saviors when you cannot afford to hire a specialist for each layer of the development process. However, you must also note that a good full-stack developer wouldn’t come cheap. Though, that may not be the case when you work with Gritsa Technologies. At Gritsa, you can hire a foundation-level full-stack developer for as low as $9.99 per hour.

When the bigger picture is more important to you

A full-stack developer can not only write code but also come up with great suggestions for your project. Because of his experience in various aspects of the development process, he understands the length and breadth better to help you see the bigger picture

When time is not by your side

In ideal cases, full-stack developers are aware of a diverse range of technologies, tools, and techniques. This translates into faster development and project completion. They won’t waste too much time discussing and collaborating with the team and get going.

When not to hire a full-stack developer

when should you hire a full stack developer

As much as it is important to know when to hire, you must also know when not to hire a full-stack developer. Do not hire one, when you cannot see a clear value-add. For example, a full-stack engineer can be an asset when you are trying to optimize your application for 10,000 users. However, it won’t always be the case. If you have already crossed that milestone and you are looking to scale up to serve millions of active users every day, you will need a specialist. In most cases, you will need a team for each layer such as a data, security, infrastructure etc. In such cases, a full-stack developer will not add as much value as a specialist will.

Qualities of a full-stack developer

qualities of a full stack developer

Make sure you are clear about your requirements and that your developer has the following qualities:

  • Keen learner – he should be interested and passionate about learning new things

  • Versatile – understands not only the stacks but also different technologies

  • Honest and clear – can point you in the right direction for a solution even if they cannot solve it

  • Knowledgeable – is aware of the latest trends and developments

  • Matured – can see the big picture, the vision of the business, and understands the customer’s requirements

So, once you are clear that it is time for you to hire a full-stack developer, ensure that you look for inherent qualities along with technical skills.

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